Mexican 7-up Has a New Unsettling Ingredient

Someone Has Tainted 7-up And Officials Are Warning Against It.

They always say don’t drink the water in Mexico but now there is a new worry 7-up. Mexico has had reports of Meth-laced 7-up and no one knows how it happened. Arizona Health Officials have warned travelers that are planning to cross the border to steer clear of this soft drink.

The contaminated drink is considered life-threatening. Symptoms that may occur if drunk may include: nausea, vomiting, increased heart rate, and difficulty breathing. It may also mess up any potential jobs that require a drug test.

So far one person has died and seven have been affected by the contaminated sodas. Health Officials warn that people stay vigilant. Especially when it comes to what they drink and make sure that the containers they eat or drink from have not been tampered with.

This is not the first soda to have claims of contamination. Back in May, some Pepsi products in Michigan contained flecks of metal from some of the manufacturing machines. Pepsi did recall all such soda and no one was harmed.

This is not the first soda to have a narcotic in it. As most people know Coca-Cola originally contained Cocaine in it’s earliest years. Coca-Cola was originally Marketed as a cure-all medicine.

“None of the 7Up products sold in the U.S. are affected by the issue being reported in Mexico,” said Barnes. ” Dr. Pepper Snapple owns and licenses the 7Up brand only in the U.S. and its territories. We do not market, sell or distribute the brand internationally.”

Dr. Daniel Brooks at Banner Health cautioned anyone traveling to Mexico.

“It is important to check that the seal for any food and drink consumed is still intact and shows no signs of tampering,” Brooks said.

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As Reported By Sara G. Miller, 

It’s not clear how the meth got into the 7Up bottles, but Banner Health noted that an investigation is underway.

The meth was found in 2-liter bottles of the drink, according to the health department of Baja California, which is the Mexican state where the bottles were found. In a statement released Sept. 18, the department said that all stores were told to remove the product from shelves.

A spokesman for Dr Pepper Snapple Group, which distributes 7Up in the United States, said that “none of the 7Up products sold in the U.S. are affected by the issue being reported in Mexico,” according to the Coloradoan.