Battle Inside White House Rages Jill Gets Legal Counsel To Chop Kamala At The Knees

According to reports, the battle inside the White House is raging behind closed doors.

OAN reporter Jack Posobiec has learned that there are essentially two administrations inside 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and they are having a power struggle. Rumors are also circulating people aren’t calling Biden anymore if they need something done they are calling Kamala.

According to Posobiec – who has been proven to have multiple sources inside the White House – Jill Biden is trying to find a way to remove Kamala from office. You can watch the report below:

Almost from day one of the Biden administration there has been a power struggle between Jill and Kamala. The First Lady is trying to keep a senile Joe in power and Kamala is anxiously waiting on deck to sit behind the oval office.

Over the summer, senior officials from Biden’s office openly admitted they were trying to “sabotage” Kamala Harris.

“It’s a whisper campaign designed to sabotage her,” Biden’s senior adviser Cedric Richmond said, admitting to the Hill.

“2024 is the elephant in the room,” Axios reports. “While Biden aides overwhelmingly believe he’ll be the Democratic nominee, they also know he’d be 81 when seeking re-election. Many Democrats, including some current senior administration officials, are concerned she [Harris] could not defeat whomever the Republican Party puts up — even if it were Donald Trump.”

Who are they kidding? I don’t think there’s enough medication in the world that could keep Biden lucid in the coming months let alone for 2024. The problem facing the Democrats is nobody likes Kamala either and Joe’s people want her out and Mayor Pete in.

From the Atlantic:

Here’s the winner of the 2020 Iowa caucus, living out his grand political plan to … how exactly would it work? Something like: He takes an inherently snoozer job as a low-ranking Cabinet official, spends a few years quietly kissing up to mostly forgettable members of Congress with talk about railroads and broadband, and going on TV to defend the administration.

Along the way, he counts on Biden not to run again and Kamala Harris not to emerge as Biden’s natural heir. If everything comes together perfectly, the former mayor of South Bend, Indiana, becomes the first president since Herbert Hoover to have come out of the Cabinet.

Pete isn’t doing much better his tone deaf comments about the supply shortages are sinking him in the polls as well. Joe Biden is a sinking ship and it won’t matter who the DNC puts out in front. By the time 2024 gets here anyone associated with this administrations career is over.