Black Bar Owner Loses Bar And Guess Who She Blames…

Self Proclaimed “Black Queer Woman” Loses Bar And Blames White Supremacy For Loss.

Opening a business is hard. It takes a fair amount of capital, recognizing your intended clientele, selling something there is a demand for and some luck. Henderson, North Carolina’s Black Star Line Brewery was clearly missing some of the key ingredients to a thriving business as they are now closed.

Black Star Line Brewery (BSLB) had a good start they were given $50,000 to run their business. BSLB did suffer from numerous break-ins and were vandalized back in November, but the community responded and tried to rally together to help them through tough times.

“Black Star Line has soldiered on with substantial participation from the WNC community. Representatives of Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. traveled to Hendersonville to repair Black Star Line’s damaged equipment. New Belgium Brewing and Wedge Brewery are both donating proceeds from beer sales at their respective taprooms to the brewery, and Black Star Line’s GoFundMe campaign has been reinstated due to requests from the community for opportunities to contribute. Additionally, a keg swap with nearby Sanctuary Brewing Co. on Nov. 19 was met with a resoundingly positive response.

“We took kegs to Sanctuary and they brought some over here, and tons of people turned out,” says Naranjo. “We had people coming from all over the place. There was even one couple from Rhode Island. It went really well — we ran out of beer by the end of the night,” says Naranjo.”

But fast forward to today and they have closed their doors and if their attitude is any measure of their hospitality it’s not hard to figure out why they didn’t make it. They posted the following on their facebook in response to their closing.

“Like many people of color on this land, displacement at the hands of white supremacists policies and institutions is not past, but present.”

The Brewery instead of taking any fault decided it was best to blame “The White Man.” When they lived in an area that was oversaturated with bars and they had a slew of problems that had nothing to do with race. They even posted about the many issues they had on Facebook.

captured from facebook

But I guess the free market and glaring inadequacies have saved us all from having to dodge a place like this. Good riddance.