Watch: Kamala Smells The Blood In The Water After Poll, Uses Joe’s Own Words To Throw Him Under The Bus

The shade war is going hot again especially after Joe’s approval numbers have started to drift below Kamala’s.

The Vice President used the opportunity to subtly throw Joe under the bus and condemn his COVID rhetoric.

During a segment on CBS “Face the Nation,” host, Margaret Brennen asked if the pandemic was “the fault of the unvaccinated?”

“I don’t think this is a moment to talk about fault. It- it is no one’s fault that this virus hit our shores or hit the world. I would not blame it on anyone in that way. But it is more about individual power and responsibility, and it’s about the decisions that everyone has the choice to make, no doubt. But it is clear that everyone has the ability to make a choice to save their lives and- and to prevent hospitalization if they get vaccinated and if they get the booster. And so I urge people to do that,” she said.


It may be subtle but Kamala just undercut Joe. What Kamala said was starkly different from Joe telling parents to keep their kids away from unvaccinated people.

Kamala is just waiting like a circling shark for Joe to implode and she’s not going to stop. Harris told Brennen that she is going to get more involved with policy instead of keeping a back seat.

That is another dig at Biden who’s staff failed to get his BBB bill passed.

It is rumored that after the mid-terms Pelosi is going to step down, one has to wonder what other political changes may happen inside the Democrat party after this coming November.