Email Causes Jill Biden To Save A Very Desperate Fauci

Fauci is calling in favors to keep his credibility and Jill Biden jumped in to dig him out of a hole.

In an unplanned appearance, Fauci tagged along with Jill Biden for a segment on the Kelly and Ryan show.

Jill brought Fauci along due to the damage caused by his emails that have gone public. The interview is to examine “the latest efforts to combat COVID-19, share an update on the progress that the country has made against the pandemic, and talk about the widening scope of vaccination efforts in the U.S.”

The mainstream media is ignoring it but real epidemiologists in the scientific field are getting fed up with Fauci.

In June 2021, Stanford University professor and epidemiologist, Jay Bhattacharya said that Fauci has “been all over the place on masks.”

“There are emails you can find in the treasure trove of emails that have been released where he acknowledged the virus has been aerosolized — well the cloth masks people have been recommending, they’re not particularly effective against aerosolized viruses,” he added.

Fast forward to January 2022, health experts are telling people to stop wearing cloth masks.

In a new report, the Mayo Clinic is telling Americans to stop wearing cloths mask piggybacking on a study that took place in India in 2021.

From CBS News WHNT 19:

“We want to make sure that it is not a cloth mask. A cloth mask does not offer protection,” said Asha Shajahan of the Mayo Clinic.

A recent study by researchers at the Mayo Clinic as well as in India found that in villages where cloth masks were worn infections were only reduced by only 5 percent. That’s one of the reasons why the Mayo Clinic is now asking everyone to wear a surgical or N95 mask.

Emerging evidence also showed that the surgical or medical grade mask does a better job of preventing respiratory droplets from carrying the virus to others. However, if your only source of protection is a cloth mask, health experts say there are ways to improve its protection

“You want to make sure that it’s at least two or three layers but I would recommend getting a surgical mask that actually has the filters built into the material,” said Shajahan.

Health experts say if you are still unsure of what masks work best you can go to the CDC website. There you can find a complete listing of mask guidelines.

Yes, you can go to the CDC’s website that said for over a year that “science” shows cloth masks work (sarcasm).