White House Goes Mum After Joe’s Incompetence Screws Americans Once Again (VIDEO)

The White House has gotten real quiet after it was learned that once again Joe Biden has screwed Americans.

In a plea to Americans before the election, Biden said he was going to shut down the virus. Since taking office Biden’s policies have made everything worse and now he’s screwed Americans again.

In September of 2021, Biden made an agreement with the nation’s top retailers like Walmart, Amazon, and Kroger to sell at-home test kits at cost. During that time an American could purchase the BinaxNow kit for $14.

However, Biden was worried that if Americans could easily test themselves they wouldn’t get the holy vaccine. Should tests be easy to purchase then Americans would opt-out of the vaccine and test weekly instead because of his unconstitutional mandate. So, Biden didn’t renew the deal and in October of 2021 ignored health experts that were warning of a case surge around the holidays.

All of that has blown up in his face.

With a surge in cases due to Omicron and mass breakthrough cases, Americans are looking for at-home tests. For example, schools in a section of Delaware have moved to virtual learning because of an outbreak among staff who was 100% vaccinated. There weren’t enough teachers that were healthy to open the school.

The recent surge has Americans looking for tests and thanks to Biden they are going to cost an arm and leg.

“We have seen significant demand for at home Covid-19 testing kits and are working closely with our suppliers to meet this demand and get the needed product to our customers,” a Walmart spokeswoman said.

But, now Americans will pay retail prices for their tests (if they can find them) because Biden didn’t renew his deal with retailers to keep prices at cost.

Kroger’s told NBC News that they completed their deal with the Biden administration and have reimposed “retail pricing.”

The White House is refusing to comment on why they didn’t renew the deal and Press Secretary Jen Psaki got real nasty when she was asked about it.