U.S. Airforce Preps Nuclear-Armed Bombers For High Alert Status

U.S. Airforce Readies Its’ Bombers For 24 Hour Ready Alert.

The U.S. Airforce has preemptively readied its nuclear-armed bombers, which have the sole purpose of retaliating against a surprise nuclear strike. Although the order to ready the planes had not been given yet, Senior Officials within the Defense Department feel that the order is on its way.

With all the tension the U.S. has with North Korea and Kim Jong Un, it’s the rational next step. Kim has threatened the US and claims that he will have the capabilities to strike the Eastern Coast of the U.S. soon.  Trump has attempted to put the Little Rocket Man in his place more than once, but Kim feels he can take on the US.

North Korea is determined to achieve this goal as they have advanced from short-range ballistic missile technology all the way up to intermediate intercontinental missiles all within 8 months. According to former CIA Director Michael Hayden, North Korea could have the missile technology that is capable of hitting our West Coast by the end of Trump’s first term. But as of right now, North Korea experts are under the belief that he is only capable of reaching Asian targets.

The Russian threat though not usually seen as a violent one, with the voter tampering and possible collusion, is evolving. The Russians recently tested out their nuclear-capable ghost submarine, The Krasnodar, which is claimed to be the quietest sub ever made. In May the submarine shot 4 cruise missiles into Syria and was then followed for weeks by The Air Craft Carrier U.S.S. George H W Bush and allies. At times the US forces lost the sub while chasing it but were always able to pick up it’s trail again as it headed for its docking area in the Black Sea. This incident has led the US into rethinking their naval strategy.

With all of these potential threats, it is no wonder that the Air Force is getting ready for the possibility of nuclear war.

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As Reported By Marcus Weisgerber, Defenseone.com

Goldfein, who is the Air Force’s top officer and a member of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, is asking his force to think about new ways that nuclear weapons could be used for deterrence, or even combat.

“The world is a dangerous place and we’ve got folks that are talking openly about the use of nuclear weapons,” he said. “It’s no longer a bipolar world where it’s just us and the Soviet Union. We’ve got other players out there who have nuclear capability. It’s never been more important to make sure that we get this mission right.”

During his trip across the country last week, Goldfein encouraged airmen to think beyond Cold War uses for ICBMs, bombers and nuclear cruise missiles.