Watch As CNN Continues To Prove Just How Low They Are Willing To Go.

The liberal news network, aka CNN, just keep reaching new ‘all-time’ lows, why should this be any different? In a tag-team effort to ‘take down’ Sean Hannity the broadcast company ran an entire show with the sole purpose of bashing Hannity. Just take a look.


As Written By Peter Berry Chowka With The American Thinker.

Media Matters for America (MMFA), the far-left advocacy group that targets conservative media and talk show hosts, was assisted in its efforts to get Fox News host Sean Hannity fired during a show on CNN on Sunday.  In a new low point for the Cable News Network, CNN Reliable Sources host Brian Stelter welcomed MMFA president Angelo Carusone for a live, in-studio softball interview on why Hannity should be forced to go.

Stelter is no friend of Hannity, who has the #1 talk show on cable news.  He introduced the CNN segment halfway into his show Sunday at 11 A.M. EST (source: transcript at CNN dot com):

BRIAN STELTER, CNN HOST: Sean Hannity’s show is simply called “Hannity,” but I think it’s time for a renaming. It really is the Hillary Clinton horror show.

Let’s call it “The Clinton Scandal Hour,” because, night after night after night, Hannity delights in supposed Clinton wrongdoing, seizing on old stories and spinning them into huge scandals.

Vox recently called him the media’s top conspiracy theorist.

Now, my theory is that Hannity focuses on the Clintons partly so he doesn’t have to deal with the daily Trump-related controversies.

Lately, it’s also been a convenient diversion from the Roy Moore scandal.

At the end of one of his Clinton-bashing segments this week, Hannity kind of randomly said this:


SEAN HANNITY, HOST, “HANNITY”: By the way, I have sources all of us are being surveilled illegally, just in case you’re interested.

Just telling you. Anyway…


STELTER: Anyway?

Sean, that’s a huge story. You’re under surveillance? By who, the Trump administration?


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