Don’t Let The ‘Sudden Liberal Revelation’ About Dirty Old Bill Fool You.

With sexual allegations at an all-time high and the public’s outrage over the scandals, the liberal party would have you believe they have turned their backs on Bill Clinton. It’s all over the media and even in your own families, people are finally starting to see dirty-Willy for what he is, or are they?

That is exactly what the Democratic party wants you to believe but the fact is it’s just a ploy to gain back favor with the public. They saw an opportunity and jumped on it but it’s all hot air because no one is actually acting on any of it.

In a sort of ‘making lemons out of lemonade,’ the Democrats have spearheaded this sudden ‘charge’ against Bill after countless confrontations recently. After all, they haven’t been able to chime in on the Roy Moore allegations without having Bill Clinton’s own charges brought up. So how do you get around that dilemma? Simple, by getting in front of it.

As Written By Russ Vaughn With The American Thinker.

Those conservatives and Republicans reading the cautious confessions of Democrat players that they may have actually been wrong about Bill Clinton’s sexual crimes could be forgiven if they wrongly believe the scales have fallen at last from the eyes of the left and they can now see how mistaken they once were.  While it is tempting to read these mea culpa from liberal pundits and power players within the party, one would be well advised to not go getting all dewy-eyed and sentimental over the turkey table with the mistaken belief that perhaps our Democratic brethren aren’t so morally misguided as we’ve long believed.  Before lowering your guard and toasting your liberal family members on their belated awakening to the devil in their midst, you should remember that these are Democrats, both operatives and media flunkies writing at the behest of those operatives, and Democrat operatives always have an ulterior motive.

In this case, and in this current heated environment of feminine outrage against male sexual predators, it’s not hard to puzzle out why the Democratic Party would seize on this opportunity to divest themselves of this finally recognized as well as some now all too vocal political baggage…

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