Teacher’s Union Teams Up With Black Lives Matter To Protest Police?!

Californian Teacher’s Union Team’s Up With BLM To Go Against Police.

The Los Angelos teacher’s union has decided to team up with Black Lives Matter and the ACLU to sponsor a rally. The rally’s purpose is to protest local law enforcement. You’d expect something like this from the ACLU or Black Lives Matter, but a teacher’s union is unexpected.

The rally will be titled “Making Black Lives Matter in Schools.” I thought the lives of people mattered wherever they are but I guess this must be a new twist. According to the United Teachers Los Angeles (UTLA) website, they will be sponsoring the event to fight racism.

“An UTLA endorsed event to affirm the humanity of our students, teach students to oppose racism, fight the school to prison pipeline and end random searches in LAUSD schools.”

So they are blaming the police for arresting those that commit crimes? But the odd part is this is a teacher’s union. There has to be numerous teachers that it represents and they all are opposed to the police?

The union speaks for upwards of 33,000 employees, most of whom are responsible for educating the more than 640,000 students enrolled in the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD).”

The Union website shows a poster that reads “Join the next round of our fight to end random searches and criminalization while fighting for community school funding.”

I never understand this line of thought. If Police do a search of the school and never find anything then they would stop. But if they are repeatedly successful in finding things during their searches then why would you protest that? Is the school looking to encourage drug dealing or possession of weapons? Seems like this is more of an environmental issue as opposed to police overreaction.

Watch Shapiro Explain The Need For Police Officer’s Below.

Opponents of the existing policy claim it is racist, disproportionately targeting students of color. Black Lives Matter, Schools L.A. Students Deserve, the ACLU, and other allies organized a similar demonstration last May outside LAUSD headquarters, demanding an end to “policies that criminalize” non-white schoolkids. An English teacher employed by the district took to the microphone, galvanizing the students in attendance. “We’re going to get these cops out of our schools, and we’re going to end these random searches, and we’re going to be proud to be black and brown,” she declared.”

The rally will take place February 23rd and feature artists Common and Andra Day.

So Black Lives Matter once again plays cries racism and this time make schools less safe. Just another reason to dodge California. I feel for sorry for those kids as the teachers are supposed to be working in their best interests, not against them.