Newsom’s Excuse For Stunt In Florida Shows Democrats Are Shaking In Their Boots

California Governor Gavin Newsom was recently mocked for spending thousands to run a commercial in Florida.

The commercial begged Floridians to move back to California, claiming that they were living in a fascist state.

After being mocked, Newsom was interviewed by Fox 11 Los Angeles so he could explain himself, which was a condemnation of Joe Biden.

“I think ways to advance the collective cause, and that’s where the party needs to come in. Democrats need the Democratic Party, not the president, not a speaker, not an elected officeholder. The party, the infrastructure, I think, has to organize with more ferocity of focus, more determination to set the agenda, set the course, and put the other party on the defense,” Newsom said, claiming that the party needs to fight more.

“They are dominating the narrative,” Newsom said of the GOP.

“The facts aren’t on their side, but they’re dominating there. And in this world right now, you dominate the narrative, you win. And that’s what I’m worried about and that’s what I’m expressing,” he concluded.

Actually, Gavin, the facts are on the GOP’s side.

California would still be locked down if it weren’t for Florida and other red states.

Economically it’s red states that are performing trying to keep this country out of a recession.

Newsom claims the facts are on the Democrat’s side but take a listen to one of Joe Biden’s economic chiefs.

Newsom’s ad admits that Joe Biden is a failure, and they are terrified about the upcoming midterm elections.