VIDEO: Chris Wallace Gets Bulldozed After Greg Kelly Tells All

Newsmax host, Greg Kelly did not hold back his thoughts and feelings about former Fox News host Chris Wallace who has decided to leave the network and work for CNN.

“CHRIS WALLACE already worked out a “deal” with CNN? What a SNAKE,” Kelly wrote. “Fox put up with his SHENANIGANS for a long time, and meanwhile he was playing FOOTSIE TOOTSIE with “the bosses” at CNN. What the hell did he actually bring to the table, besides POMPOSITY??? POMPOUS CHRIS!”

“‘Namby-pamby'” Chris Wallace has been spinning the news for years,” Kelly added.

Breitbart news John Nolte pointed out that Chris Wallace has actually been dragging down the Fox News brand.

Nolte reported that Wallace is the only host that has been losing ratings over a 20 year period.

From Breitbart News:

For nearly 20 years, Chris Wallace has been the one and only Fox News name brutalized in the ratings.

Last week is a perfect example:

Face the Nation: 2.8 million viewers.
Meet the Press: 2.6 million
This Week: 2.5 million
Fox News Sunday: 1.2 million

So I’m not accused of cherry-picking, here are the ratings for the 2020-2021 season:

Face the Nation: 3.4 million
Meet the Press: 3.3 million
This Week: 3.1 million
Fox News Sunday: 1.3 million

Now, I am fully aware that Fox News Sunday is not a Fox News show. Instead, it broadcasts on the Fox broadcast network. But that’s what makes Wallace’s 18-year failure especially grievous. When you are riding the Fox News brand, there is no excuse for Fox News Sunday to lose to these other far-left Sunday shows, especially when Fox News Sunday enjoys the advantage of airing on a broadcast network.

Since Trump left office CNN’s ratings have cratered and they have struggled to break 1 million viewers during primetime.