MSM Blackout: Watch Farmers Rebel Against Globalists, ‘We Don’t Want War. But If We…

President Joe Biden has already crippled the fossil fuel industry in the United States and it’s only a matter of time before his administration imposes similar policies that are being used in Europe.

Thousands of Dutch farmers are rebelling and blocking roads in the Netherlands to protest the government’s plan to limit carbon and nitrogen emissions from their farms.

Farmers are using their tractors to block roads and important commercial shipping routes to protest the government’s net-zero climate policies.

While the mainstream media talks about 1/6 and abortion the global elites are using climate policy to limit the food supply.

Locals are showing the farmers a lot of support and one man said “it’s like somebody else is pulling the strings.”

It’s only a matter of time before California Governor Newsom pulls a stunt like this.

Support for the farmers is growing across the country as people realize if there are no farmers there is less food.

Meanwhile, the communists inside the country want the government to seize their property.