Watch: Police Catch Democrat Candidate ‘Tampering With A Voting Site’

A Democrat candidate in Virginia was caught by police “tampering with a voting site.”

Chris Hurst, Democrat candidate running for the 12th state district was pulled over by police outside of voting center after a woman was observed leaving his vehicle and destroying rival campaign signs at a polling location. Police also discovered that Hurst’s drivers license was suspended.

The entire interaction was caught on the officers body camera.

Below is partial transcript courtesy of WDBJ 7 and the video of the interaction:

The body camera footage from the Radford City Police Officer sheds more light on what happened following the traffic stop.

As the officer approaches the car, he asked Hurst and his partner if they want to explain their actions.

There is a pause before Hurst responds, “I don’t think so.”

The officer asks again if they want to explain their actions about tampering with the voting site.

“Tampering with the voting site?” Hurst asks, saying he didn’t have anything to say to the officer.

The officer directs his attention to Hurst’s partner in the passenger’s seat, who does not respond.

“That’s really poor, that’s really poor, Chris,” the officer said. “What should I do?”

Hurst replies, “I mean, I don’t know what to tell you officer.”

“You don’t know what to tell me?” asks the officer.

“I mean I don’t know what you’re asking me,” Hurst said. “You’re asking me what should you do, I don’t know I’m not an officer.”

The officer said he wasn’t going to “play word games” with him.

A voice in the background then says, “He’s suspended.”

The officer then asks Hurst, “What are you doing driving?”

“What do you mean?” Hurst replies.

The officer tells Hurst he’s “suspended.”

Hurst asks what he’s suspended for. The officer radios in a question to find the reason for suspension for Hurst. The response over radio is unintelligible, but the officer tells Hurst he will find out more about the suspension.

“I think what you all need to do is after I deal with you here is go back and fix those signs,” the officer said. “What do you think?”

The officer continues, “You’ve had to resort to doing this, instead of doing a fair election?” he asks.

Hurst begins to speak but the officer cuts him off.

“Chris, quit playing… Quit playing. You all are up there turning over signs at the polling area and you’re sitting here acting like you don’t know what’s going on?”

Hurst replied, “Well I just think that your reaction seems to be, I don’t know, I really don’t feel like me responding to any questions that an officer has for me that are kind of asking me to make a value statement on my actions is really kind of immaterial to the question here. Here’s what I would say, is that I would, I would think that something that was a little hijinks of steam blowing off is exactly what everybody over on the other side of the mountain does and people all over this district do – “

The officer cuts in, “So you’re going to resort to that and represent us?”

“I need you to just do your job here tonight,” Hurst said, “And I’ll do mine. I have nothing more to say to you, officer. I’m sorry for actions that I may have done or my partner may have done but I think you’re getting a little emotional here -”

The officer replies, “I’m not getting emotional at all. You’re supposed to be representing us. You’re supposed to be representing us. And not our here acting like a school kid. How am I supposed to vote for you if you’re out here doing this?”

Hurst said, “Were you planning on voting for me?”

The officer said, “Well, that’s all up in the air now.”

“I’m sorry if I lost your support, sir,” Hurst said.

Hurst did admit to targeting Republican campaign signs and did lose his race to Republican Jason Ballard.