Trump Favorite Twitter EXPOSED Censoring Conservative Content

Twitter Caught Hiding Conservative Perspective On Their “Neutral” Social Media Site.”

Trump’s favorite social media site is against Trump fans. After the election scandal where Russia was found to have spent thousands of dollars trying to influence the election through social media, Twitter decided to put a stop to Russian intervention. In order to do that they have made algorithms that filter out Russian pro-Trump bots. The problem is that these pro-Trump bots have a lot in common with conservatives. So conservatives that are pro-Trump are getting filtered out as well.

Twitter has people review reported tweets and although not part of official policy Twitter encourages the deletion of conservative tweets.

“Let’s say if it was a pro-Trump thing and I am an anti-Trump person, I was like I banned his whole account. It goes to you and then it’s at your discretion. And if you are ani-Trump Then you are like oh you know what? Mo was right f*** it let it go.”

But that’s not all as some people get their pages taken down and others have a worse fate. They get shadow banned.

Twitter Software Engineer: “The idea of a shadow ban is you ban someone and they don’t know they’ve been banned, because they keep posting but no one sees their content.”

This is the kind of bias that Twitter’s liberal staff is imposing upon Americans. Conservatives are trying their best spread the word about Liberal Bias and the Leftists trying to ruin America. But sites like Twitter are stopping the news from getting out and pushing their liberal propaganda to the forefront in the process.

Watch Below.

Free Speech is clearly not present on this social media site. I wonder how many of Trump’s Tweets actually reach his supporters or is he too much of a public figure for Twitter to try and censor. Looks like we need a new social media source, Facebook has just made a statement about limiting the content people can reach and now it comes out that Twitter is also censoring their content. Is there anywhere safe to be a conservative without fear of censorship?