Gov. Terry McAuliffe Threatened To Do What To Trump?! [Video]

Has Governor Terry McAuliffe of Virginia Lost his mind? It Seems so but you be the judge.

Governor Terry McAuliffe threatened that if President Trump, the President of the free world, “Leaned into his space’ that someone would have to ‘pick him (president Trump) up off of the floor’. When asked to clarify if he was referring to ‘decking’ the president, McAuliffe said ‘yes’. Just chew on that for a while…

While his threats are sheer treason, McAuliffe is lucky enough to live in a country where he wouldn’t be sentenced to death for his words. He should at least be investigated by the FBI for threatening the President as any and all threats should be taken seriously. Besides, there are plenty of questionable accounts in McAuliffe’s past that he seems to have forgotten. Typical liberal. Take a look.


As Reported By Hank Berrien with Daily Wire.

On Thursday night, speaking with Chris Matthews on MSNBC’s “Hardball,” Virginia governor Terry McAuliffe boasted that if he ever debated President Trump, and Trump leaned over him the way he did with Hillary Clinton in a presidential debate, McAuliffe would deck him, and someone would have to “pick him up off the floor.”

The exchange went like this:

Matthews: Back to Trump, what he does is he seems to have an ability to intimidate his opponents. He takes people who are levelheaded like Jeb Bush and makes them look weak. He says, “low-energy Jeb,” and it works. He refers to somebody as “Little Marco” because he’s not as tall as he is, he finds anybody’s weakness and turns it into something is that destroys his opponent. I know Hillary’s a friend of yours and she’s a strong person…

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