Tension Rises In the Middle East: Nikki Haley Calls The “Politcal Theater” To Action.

Tension Builds Between Saudi Arabia and Iran Over Yemen Incident.

Regional adversaries Iran and Saudi Arabia are once again at odds. The controversy this time revolves around a missile launch. The Saudi Arabian Prince Mohammed bin Salman claims that Iran supplied the ballistic missiles that were fired from Houthi Territory towards Riyadh’s international airport.

The Houthi, Iran backed Rebels, originally were a peaceful sect that started in Yemen, Africa. The Houthi divided at one point the division sprouted from one group wanting to remain more traditional the other more open. The founder of the group was for a more open group and became militant around 1994. The Houthi originally started out as peaceful protesters that turned violent when they didn’t get their way.

Saudi Arabian Forces have been fighting the Houthi since 2015 and were luckily able to stop the missile they launched towards the airport. Iran Claims that Prince Salman’s allegation is “contrary to reality,” and denies arming the rebel group.

Nikki Haley Claims that “Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps is violating two U.N. resolutions simultaneously.” She has called upon the U.N. to take action against Iran for this.

Read Nikki Haley’ (The US Ambassador to The UN) Tweet Below.

There is tension building in the Middle East and there is a chance for an ‘axis of evil’ country to come under fire. It’s interesting how day to day politicians can have such ranging opinions. Like how the other day Haley said that the U.N. was putting on “Political Theater” as we don’t recognize their authority. But now that Iran is the target it’s why hasn’t the U.N. gone after Iran? Seems odd to me since we don’t recognize their authority why we would care. Unless we were looking for some sort of justification or building a case to do something.

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As Reported By Aljazeera News

A Saudi-led military coalition went to war with the Houthi rebels in March 2015 after they seized the capital, Sanaa.

In the wake of the missile incident, the Saudi-led alliance has intensified its Yemen embargo, announcing the “immediate” closure of all air, land and sea ports of the Arabian Peninsula country.

The decision could further limit access for the delivery of humanitarian aid to Yemen, which imports up to 90 percent of its daily needs.

On Tuesday, the UN called on the coalition to immediately lift the blockade, describing the current situation in the country as “catastrophic”.

“Humanitarian operations are being blocked as a result of the closure ordered by the Saudi-led coalition,” Jens Laerke, spokesperson for the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA), told reporters in Geneva.

Laerke said the UN has received reports that fuel prices surged by 60 percent overnight and cooking gas up to 100 percent in some parts of Yemen as a result of the blockade.

“Long lines of cars are queuing at gas stations,” he added.

Laerke said humanitarian flights to and from Yemen were put on hold, adding that the Saudi-led coalition had asked UN staff to tell all ships arriving at the seaports of Hodeidah and Saleef “to leave”.

According to the UN, some seven million people in Yemen are on the brink of famine and were only being kept alive thanks to humanitarian operations.