US Hospital Scrambles To Delete Everything After ‘Top’ COVID Pediatric Vaccine ‘Expert’ Has Been Exposed As A Total Fraud

Before the pandemic, Doctor Risa Hoshino was branding herself as a hip, New York City pediatric doctor who was a millennial feminist that didn’t mind showing off her stuff in a bikini. When the pandemic hit she became known as a COVID hero and was one of the country’s “top social media medical influencers.”

However, it has now been learned that Hoshino is a total fraud and all of her social media accounts have been either deleted or made private.

The “COVID expert” fashioned herself as a “pediatrician treating covid patients on the front lines who could still show off her body and build her profile as a lifestyle influencer.”

The doctor was considered one of the “top 12 physician influencers” and was described as “a veteran of using social media to debunk scientific falsehoods.”

Dr. Hoshino built herself up on Instagram until November of 2020 when she joined Twitter crafting herself as a hip young physician exhausted from being on the front line treating COVID patients.

In March of 2022, the doctor lectured Americans about “long COVID” and demanded everyone be vaccinated and wear masks.

“Today I saw an immunocompromised child who got COVID from an unmasked close contact. She is doing poorly. I will continue to wear my mask indoors. I will not be the reason a child dies,” she wrote on 3/2/2022.

“If you had to listen to crying children all day who are devastated that they may never recover from long covid, $ not being able to tell them that everything will be ok…will you still not wear a mask?” Hoshino tweeted in another recent post.

A few weeks later she wrote, “Not sure how someone can tell me to my face that ‘covid is over’ as I stand there in my scrubs, N95, [and] face-shield, exhausted from treating all the covid + patients who are either severely ill or have long covid. Unless you’re us, you’ll truly never get it.”

Hoshino’s posts would often go viral and parents would bow their knee committing to vaccinate their kids and force them to wear masks.

However, thanks to independent journalists Sarah Burwick the pediatrics facade was uncovered.

In a report confirmed by the New York Post Burwick discovered:

While she has claimed to have 15 years of medical experience, Hoshino graduated from NYU Medical School in 2014, and completed her residency in pediatrics at Mount Sinai Hospital in 2017.  Since then, according to government records, she has worked for the NYC Department of Health as a City Medical Specialist. While her more recent posts suggest she treats covid patients in a clinical setting, her earlier Instagram posts confirm she is a School Pediatrician employed by the City of New York, and has been in that role since her residency.

The New York Post confirmed that Hoshino worked a 9-5 job remotely in 2020, and acts “as a liaison with pediatricians and other specialists to ensure students’ medical needs are met” for the City of New York.

One of her co-workers confirmed that “school Pediatricians do generally not wear scrubs, see covid patients, or wear N95 respirators for 12 hours.”

More from Burwick’s report:

In December 2021, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia published a video of a discussion between Dr. Hoshino and widely-acclaimed pediatric vaccine expert Dr. Paul Offit, in which Hoshino claimed to have seen cases of MIS-C (a rare inflammatory syndrome caused by covid infection) in pediatric ICUs. (This, of course, is unlikely to be true given the lack of evidence Hoshino has worked in an ICU during the pandemic.)

MedPage, a respected trade publication, has published multiple pieces by Dr. Hoshino and frequent collaborator Edward Nirenberg, himself a covid influencer with no expertise or professional training in medicine, public health, or immunology.  Nirenberg and Hoshino co-authored a June 2021 BMJ blog post along with Drs. Jonathan Howard, Alastair McAlpine, and Daniel Freedman – all three experienced physicians who treat patients in hospital settings.

Did they all know Dr. Hoshino spent the first year of the pandemic working remotely while schools were closed?

Below is the video posted by Children’s Hospital that is still up…

***Update when we originally posted the video it was still up, however after the news about Hoshino went viral CHOP pulled the video. They are scrambling to delete everything associated with her.***

Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia had partnered with Hoshino to create a lot of COVID resources. Below is a screenshot of a google search you can try. When I clicked on the top links (that may no longer exist) the pages either no longer have Hoshino’s name on them or misdirect.

As time goes on I’m sure we are going to discover that a lot of the “experts” during the pandemic weren’t really experts.

I don’t know if it’s possible but it would be fun to see the list of social media influencers the Biden administration was bankrolling to spout their propaganda; what are the odds Hoshino would be on the list?

If you really want to have some fun google her name, the tech giant has sanitized her results. Below is a screenshot of the top results…

Below are the top results on…