Watch: Senator Kennedy Rips Mayorkas Apart Over Disinformation Head & Uncovers An Even Bigger Problem

Mayorkas had a rough day before the Senate especially when Senator John Kennedy (R-LA) picked him apart and ended up uncovering a bigger problem.

A few days before the hearing DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas did all the Sunday shows trying to play down fears about his brand new “Ministry of Truth.”

Mayorkas said “Ministry of Truth” head Nina Jankowicz is “eminently qualified” and “absolutely” neutral politically. The fact that he said that with a straight face is insane.

Does this look like a politically neutral person to you?

There are a lot more videos like the one above and Senator John Kennedy asked DHS Secretary Mayorkas about Jankowicz’s videos and about the fact that she claimed Hunter Biden’s laptop was disinformation.

Kennedy asked who picked Jankowicz’s to lead the board and Mayorkas took the responsibility of hiring her. The Senator then asked if he was aware of the videos and misinformation Jankowicz has spread online. Mayorkas said that the DHS does not comment on hiring practices and that he personally was not aware of the videos.

Mayorkas got picked apart.

Kennedy uncovered a bigger problem, Jankowicz was the only person they interviewed to run the board, and not one of them had half a brain to check her social media or at least sanitize it.

Senator Rand Paul also took a turn, it’s a long clip but really worth it.