House Dems Heartsick As Reality Hits Them In the Face About Their 1/6 Commission

As with most things liberal causes aren’t based in reality.

For example, Amber Heard’s Washinton Post op-ed was written by the ACLU, current Democrat rage about abortion is founded on a ruling that isn’t official, and the same goes for their 1/6 Commission.

Democrats were hoping that the 1/6 Commission would stay in the news to remind the American people about the riot and help them keep the majority in Congress for the midterms.

None of that happened.

RINO’s Rep. Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger are laughing stocks of the party and America is more concerned if they can afford groceries this week than about political bickering that isn’t true.

House Democrats are now complaining that they are worried the country is “distracted” by inflation then their bogus hearings.

Axios reports:

Committee members and their staff are growing anxious about the torrent of leaks.

They fear they’ll breed complacency in a country already distracted by inflation, Ukraine and the lingering coronavirus pandemic, sources familiar with the talks tell Axios.

Part of the problem is that it’s all fake.

Take, for example, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene’s text messages.

CNN reported that the Democrats exclusively gave them the text messages and the news network started spouting Schiff talking points. Then Acosta goes out and ambushed Greene full of his own biases but it was obvious he took the time to read the text messages himself which resulted in him humiliating himself.

Acosta never investigated to see if what the Democrats gave him was the actual truth and that’s why when he read Greene’s messages out loud to her he froze.

We previously reported, that Acosta pulled out his phone and read the text messages at the request of Greene but stopped when he read the quote, “I don’t know on those things.”

“Wait, excuse me, stop,” Greene intervened. “‘I don’t know on those things.’ Is that what it says?”

“Why don’t you tell that story?” she asked.

She later denied that the messages were hers.

“You’re lying. You’re a liar. You know why people don’t like you?” Greene asked. “Because you’re a liar. Why do you want to lie on television for your viewers?”

“I’m not trying to lie,” Acosta replied.

“You’re accusing me of something, and then when you read the actual words it tells another story,” she continued. “It tells the truth.”

Americans don’t care about the 1/6 Commission, they care about the fact it’s hard to buy a home, pay their rent, buy gas, and worry if they are going to be able to afford groceries. The Democrat party is doing nothing to help the American people.

The only the Democrats are doing is running a kangaroo court and raging about a Supreme Court decision that doesn’t even exist yet.