Fanatical Trump Hater Verbally Assaults The President

Anti-Trump Man Belligerently Yells At The President.

A loud-mouthed Progressive snuck into Capitol Hill Today posing as a journalist, with the intention of disrespecting The President. All in efforts to get attention for his Anti-Trump movement. Ryan Clayton patiently waited while staying hidden amongst the journalists and as Trump walked by threw Russian Flags at him while yelling “Trump is Treason!” repeatedly. Trump just walked by ignoring the ignorant Clayton’s attempts to steal some spotlight for his activist site.

Clayton wants Trump impeached and believes The president is a Fascist Dictator. He thinks that his organization is part of the “leading edge, the tip of the spear of the Impeach Trump Resistance.”  As if that is a necessary social movement. The President bashing Clayton went on to say that he, of course, believes that the Russians and Trump were in Cahoots. He feels that it’s all going to come to light and Trump will then be known as Benedict Donald, a play on the infamous American Revolutionary Traitor Benedict Arnold.

Clayton uses his infuriating antics all for publicity, if he didn’t he knows he would fade into obscurity, not that he really ever had the fame that would require much. Clayton’s only real claim to fame comes from a prank he played on Republicans when he handed out doctored Russian flags that read “Trump” in gold on the center stripe.

Trump basher Clayton was put in his place this time getting arrested for unlawful conduct. Fortunately for Clayton Trump is not any of the slanderous things that Clayton tries to portray him as. Trump follows the letter of the law as all great American Presidents have.

Watch The Incident Below.

Caution Slanderous Drivel below:

As Reported By Fox News

Clayton spoke with congressional security officials after the incident.

The disruption was reminiscent of a 2008 joint-press conference with then-President George W. Bush and then-Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki, where an Iraqi television reporter hurled both of his shoes at Bush.

Bush dodged both shoes, and later joked at the incident, saying that all he could “report” was that the shoes were “a size 10.”