The Big Loser: Biden Just Took Another Massive Hit (VIDEO)

Biden tries to talk tough but it is just rhetoric, the man is a sinking ship.

Democrats worried about re-election are starting to distance themselves and no one is spouting White House talking points for fear of being part of the administration.

Biden’s friends are few (and they should be) and both far left Rep. Pramila Jayapal (D-Wash) and Republican Senator Tim Scott appeared on CBS Face the Nation and ripped Joe’s handling of the border.

Rep. Jayapal to a swing at Biden from the left claiming that Biden has a “responsibility to be humane.”

Republican Senator Tim Scott stated that the situation at the border “looks very similar” to how Biden screwed up the Afghanistan withdrawal.

Biden is now taking hits often from both sides and a new polls have Democrats terrified.

GOP strategist Ryan Girdusky has been following Biden’s trends and they are terrible.

Some also believe that Democrat approval is much lower they are just telling the pollsters they approve of Biden to help him.