Another Hollywood Creeper: Kevin Spacey And The Young Boy He Tried To Seduce.

What is going on with all these sexual allegations from Hollywood? Well, apparently it’s nothing new it’s just now coming to light.

Actor, Anthony Rapp, came forward today saying that when he was just 14-years-old, actor Kevin Spacey tried to seduce him. Rapp reported that in 1986 Spacey invited him to a party at his apartment. Kevin, who was 29-years-old at the time, allegedly picked the young boy up and placed him on his bed.

Kevin then climbed on top of Rapp, making sexually advanced according to the report. Rapp says he pushed Spacey off taking shelter in the bathroom to collect his thoughts. He reportedly told Spacey that he needed to go home to which the actor replied: “are you sure?”.




The actor claims he doesn’t remember the encounter but didn’t deny it. In fact, Spacey posted an apology to Rapp, blaming his own behavior on alcohol and his sexual preference. It was a type of ‘coming out of the closet’, for Spacey which could be more of a shield to the allegations.


Rosie O’Donnell compares Spacey to Weinstein, “we all knew”, she said in her tweet. To that point, it seems a lot of this type of disgusting behavior happens in Hollywood all the time. Whenever a scandal comes out it seems that droves of actors chime in about ‘how they knew’.

It honestly infuriates me to no end. If you know someone who is hurting others, yet do nothing, how are you any better? Rosie, known for slanderous loudmouthed mentality, said and did nothing to expose Spacey. So where was that obnoxious behavior when this young man was in danger?

Did The Show “Family Guy’ Know?

Wanda Sykes, a proudly gay comedian and actress, told Spacey he cannot hide behind his “coming out”. Spacey, as well as the media, seem to be using Spacey’s ‘big reveal’ as a smokescreen to the allegations.


As reported by Adam Vary with BuzzFeed.

Rapp said he even met with a lawyer, who told him there was no case worth pursuing. So he put it away again, sharing his story with close friends whenever Spacey’s name would come up. But then the Weinstein story hit, and the cumulative effect of a woman after woman coming forward to share their stories of harassment, coercion, assault, and rape compelled him to tell his story. “Part of what allowed the Harvey situation to occur was that there was this witting and unwitting conspiracy of silence,” Rapp said. “The only way these things can continue is if there’s no attention being paid to it if it’s getting forgotten.”

 He also hopes to work with the industry to create an infrastructure to prevent the predatory behavior and give victims more recourse to safely speak out. “In 1986, these things weren’t talked about very openly very much, except for maybe in an after-school-special kind of way,” he said. “There’s so much more openness about talking about these issues, and so many people are coming forward and sharing their stories. The oxygen in the room is there for us to really do something about it.”

While Rapp is ready, even eager, to speak out and help effect change within his industry, he remains deeply conflicted about what it might mean to speak to the man who was supposed to be his peer and, instead, violated him.

“If I were ever in any sort of weird situation where suddenly, like, I was at a party, and there’s Kevin Spacey, and I’m with a friend, and he comes up to us, what would I do?” he said. “I have no idea. To this day, I don’t know what I would do.”