The Liberals Bogus War On The Men In Blue Wages On.

Liberals Jump The Gun And Cry Police Brutality And Once Again Are Proven Wrong.

Liberals Backed the wrong side in the case of Jean Pedro Pierre. With all of the Anti-Law Enforcement sentiment that the Left Media is constantly spewing it only makes sense that they would immediately claim Police Brutality or excessive force without even looking at the facts.

The incident in question revolves around a 9-1-1 call about a disturbance. Sheriff Deputy, Sean Youngward, was the first on the scene and was immediately charged at by Pierre. The Officer used a Taser on the suspect but was unable to stop Pierre with the non-lethal force. Pierre disarmed the Officer and was unstoppable as Youngward tried to use his baton in efforts to subdue him. Youngward attempted numerous times to communicate with Pierre telling him to calm down or back off but was ineffective as Pierre manhandled him.

Backup, Deputy Steven Briggs, arrived to witness Pierre dragging Youngward around by the leg kicking the Officer. Deputy Briggs gave Pierre Fair warning to get on the ground and that he would be fired upon if he did not comply. Pierre having taken down the first Deputy with ease was not about to start listening. He let go of Officer Youngward’s leg and fearlessly started his charge towards the armed Officer.

Unable to get Pierre to comply and in fear for his life the Officer did what had to be done he fired upon Jean Pierre ultimately killing him. Law-Enforcement-Hating-Leftists and the family claim Police Brutality or excessive force. But as you can see through the bodycams the Officers tried their best to stop Jean Pierre and from the way the video played out they even went further than should be necessary to try and resolve the issue peacefully.

As expected Social Media immediately started slanting the story and tried to make a case claiming the Officers were somehow too aggressive. That’s when the Head of The department, Sheriff Israel, released the bodycam footage and shut all of the Police Brutality Claims down. Quelling the ridiculous Cop Hating Liberals and their Anti-Law Enforcement propaganda.

Watch The Full Footage Of The Incident Here.

Watch The News Reel Below About The Incident.

As Reported By Cillian Zeal,

Deputies performed CPR on Pierre and he was transported to a local hospital, but he died of his wounds.

“When police officers and deputies act appropriately, we do not decide the use of force,” Sheriff Israel told reporters.

“The amount of force that is exhibited is decided by the suspect that we’re trying to bring into custody or the person that we’re trying to help. (The deputy) did everything he could to save himself and to end this confrontation. Mr. Pierre grabbed his leg and the deputy was basically rendered helpless.”

Mr. Pierre may not have been armed, but he was certainly dangerous — and police had exhausted all other options. He is dead, and that’s a tragedy. This man, after all, was a father of five.