Naive Liberal Leader Trudeau Claims Italians Are Like ISIS

Trudeau Compares Italians To ISIS.

Canada, our northern neighbor is being led by a super liberal leader, who is changing Canada into a California Liberals dream. From his recent remark on the word Mankind to the oversensitivity that the Government is pushing on its people. Canada is due for a reality check and their policies are sure to make that happen soon. This last Sunday Trudeau made another ridiculous comment this time making the outlandish comparison of Italian immigrant with ISIS/ISIS Supporters.

The Questioner said this:

“I just want to know how your stance on ISIS is gonna help Canadians in any way. I need to know how you’re gonna protect future Canadians like my young daughter. 10, 15, 20 years from now, when you’re letting people in with the ideology that just does not conform to what we’re doing here.”

Trudeau’s Response:

“Well, I can tell you when Italian Families settled in Montreal in the postwar years they faced terrible discrimination and people who pushed back at them and said: “no, no, no, you don’t belong here you don’t speak English or French.” Every wave of immigration has faced pushback because of how they dressed or how they sounded or what their belief was or what their religion was. Every wave of immigration has led to Canada being a better, stronger more resilient, richer country. And that I know is not changing.”

Watch The Exchange Below.

What did Italians ever do to Trudeau and Canada? It’s an odd comparison to make as the man was talking about how the new wave of immigrants could potentially┬áinclude members of ISIS and ISIS supporters. Somehow Trudeau thought that an Italian immigration wave is the same. But this is the same line of Liberal thought that is seen here in the US maybe not as extreme yet. But that’s because we have a strong Conservative Party that believes in vetting and preventing Liberals from just opening our borders and potentially allowing criminals in.