Must See: Trump Rips Clinton In This Lou Dobbs Interview.

In an interview with Lou Dobbs [seen below] President Trump tackles some very serious issues that his administration is currently facing. The President was poised and well-spoken throughout the discussion and left nothing to be considered ‘vague’ by cynical critics.

Lou Dobbs, an anchorman for Fox Business, sat down with the president this evening to discuss an array of accomplishments and issues. The two discussed the strength of the Republican party, which is clearly in a better state than the opposition but still improving.

Perhaps one the most intriguing topic discussed was Trump’s plan to bring outsourced corporations back to the United States through tax programs. The president also stated that there will be penalties for companies who take their business out of the U.S.

Midway through the interview, (beginning at 13:52 of the video for those who wish to skip ahead) Dobbs addresses Hillary’s involvement in the Democratic National Committee (DNC) attempts to discredit the administration. Particularly with claims of Russian collusion that blew up in Hillary’s face.

“Don’t forget Hillary Clinton totally denied this. She didn’t know anything. She knew nothing.  All of a sudden they found out. What I was amazed at, it’s almost $6 million that they paid and it’s totally discredited, it’s a total phony. I call it fake news. It’s disgraceful.  It’s disgraceful,” Trump said.

Video Below.

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Special Counsel Robert Mueller is reportedly investigating the Democratic lobbying group led by Tony Podesta, brother of Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager, John Podesta.

The president also continued to hedge on who might be the next Federal Reserve chair as the focus appears to be on Stanford University economics professor John Taylor and current Fed Governor Jerome Powell.

“I really have it down to two and maybe three people and I think over the next, very short period of time I will be announcing it. It won’t be a shock,” Trump said.

Trump expressed his admiration for current Fed Chair Janet Yellen but said the decision to select a new head of the central bank is something to which he would like to contribute.

“You like to make your own mark which is maybe one of the things she’s got a little bit against her, but I think she is terrific. We’ve had a great talk and we are obviously doing great together, you look at the markets,” Trump said.