Liberals Need To Learn Gun Laws Before Attacking The Second Amendment!

Following the horrific Massacre that took place in a Texas church Liberals charge after gun rights, yet again! It has to be a mental disease at this point. Isn’t repeating the same action over and over again but getting the same result, the very definition of insanity?

Let’s be clear about a few things: The horrible monster, Devin Kelly, who turned his anger on a church full of adults and children should not have owned a gun. That argument is correct. However, the previous domestic violence charge he received was never conveyed by the Air Force to court records. Due to that, this man was able to purchase a gun because his record did not show up on any background checks.

If you have no idea what I am talking about; click the link below to read the story.


Another thing that should be said here is that the HERO, Stephen Willeford, who stepped in and stopped the murderer from doing any further harm, was a law-abiding gun-toter. What no one in the Liberal party wants to hear is that this NRA member and hero used his register AR-15 to stop the killer.

You can read more about the hero below.


The horrific tragedy cost 26 people their lives, including an 8-month-old baby, and wounded much more. How high would that death toll be if not for the NRA member? None of what happened in Texas has anything to do with the NRA nor peaceful gun owners. Get off of it already.

Instead of praise for Stephen’s heroic efforts, the Liberal party takes aim at guns. Using yet another tragedy to push their agenda.

A liberal commenter gets shut down by this gun owner on Twitter. Thank you, James Woods. It’s funny that while the left blames gun owners and the NRA for the recent horrific massacres, they haven’t excepted responsibility for their own members who commit them. I’m sure those were just ‘radicals’ not fueled by liberal hate-filled propaganda, right?


Paul Ryan points out to the liberal media that the NRA wasn’t at fault but poor records from the courts. As the liberals continue to blame gun owners Ryan redirects them to the real issue: Why wasn’t his prior record available on his background check? The Air Force left out a vital fact that could have saved lives.


As angry Democrats flood the NRA’s Twitter feeds, the NRA has no problem shutting them down and calling them out on their Bullcrap. Leave law abiding gun owners alone!

“The second amendment is a fundamental right and rights are not up for debate”.


As reported by Valerie Richardson with The Washington Post.

“No amount of top-down gun control is going to stop a determined killer — whether it’s from human error or from killers stealing their weapons,” said Gun Owners of America spokesman Jordan Stein. “The Sandy Hook shooter in Connecticut stole his AR-15. So did the Clackamas mall shooter in Oregon.”

Mr. Stein added, “What actually stops an evil psychopath is what we saw on Sunday — a good guy with a gun.”

The Air Force announced it would undertake a “comprehensive review” of its handling of criminal records after discovering that Holloman Air Force Base officials failed to report to the federal database Kelley’s 2012 court-martial and conviction on two counts of domestic assault.

The now-deceased 26-year-old gunman was able to obtain multiple firearms legally after passing background checks despite his history of abusing his ex-wife and stepson, which resulted in a 12-month sentence after he pleaded guilty.

“Initial information indicates that Kelley’s domestic violence offense was not entered into the National Criminal Information Center database by the Hollomon Air Force Base Office of Special Investigations,” the USAF said in a statement.