Tucker Carlson Goes On The Offensive In Response To Joy Reid’s Slander

Tucker Carlson Responds To Joy Reid’s Accusation.

Tucker Carlson is a conservative advocate, he sniffs out liberal BS much like a bloodhound. But he didn’t need them for this incident as Joy Reid called out Carlson and claimed his views were White Nationalist when it comes to immigration. Carlson decided he would address this slanderous comment.

“On her weekend show this Saturday, anchor Joy Reid interviewed a genealogist, who had done research on my family. Apparently, one of my ancestors came to this country in 1860 from Switzerland. I didn’t even know that until Reid’s show aired because I have zero interest in the subject. That was more than 150 years ago and is irrelevant to the decisions I make as a father, a citizen, or an employee of Fox News. It tells us precisely nothing about our modern immigration policy.

America’s economy has changed quite a bit since the Civil War, but to MSNBC this fact is a conversation-ender. A single 19th Century Swiss relative now means you are required to support green cards for everyone who jumps the border or overstays their visa in 2018. Boom! Case closed. As Reid’s guest put it, ‘People in genealogical glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.’ Meaning me.

As is so often the case, it is hard to know whether this is a legitimate point of debate, or whether it was part of an elaborate parody. Monty Python does DACA. There is no doubt about the sincerity of what came next, here is Joy Reid’s response. She wasn’t joking at all.”

Joy Reid: “Tucker has been one of the most aggressive at putting forward what a lot of people see as a pretty blatantly white nationalist view of what immigration should be like.”

Watch Tucker Carlson Respond To Joy Reid Below.


Joy Reid is a Trump hating anti-white advocate. Carlson rightfully puts her in her place and points out how racist she is. Reid’s stance on White voters and how she feels that they are not worth fighting for really brings the point home that she is a hypocritical bigot.