Watch: Southwest CEO Cracks! Texas Gov Sets Up Showdown With Biden

Things are heating up over the company imposed vaccine mandate and it is setting up a showdown with Joe Biden.

Southwest was forced to cancel thousands of flights over the weekend and the CEO wouldn’t admit that it was a result of what’s being called the “freedom flu.” What he did admit was crew members “absenteeism” caused the airline a lot of headaches.

During his appearance on CNBC, the airline CEO Gary Kelly came out against the mandate but tried to play the middle claiming that Biden’s mandate supersedes his wishes. However, there is no mandate, Congress has not passed a bill, and as of the writing of this post there is no OSHA rule stating vaccine’s are mandatory. Additionally, according to the president himself employees wishing to not be vaccinated can be tested weekly so there is no reason why Southwest must impose a vaccine mandate. The only mandate that has been enforced by Biden is the one imposed on federal workers and contractors.

In just three days we’ve gone from the airline denying there was a walkout to the CEO saying he is not in favor of corporate imposed mandates, Kelly is walking himself into a hole he can’t dig himself out.

Kelly has more problems on his plate, the company is based in Texas and Governor Greg Abbott just signed an executive order prohibiting vaccine mandates.

On Tuesday, Southwest CEO Gary Kelly told ABC News that no employee would be fired if they choose not to be vaccinated.

“We’re not going to fire any employees over this. We’re urging all of our employees to get vaccinated. If they can’t get vaccinated, we’re urging them to seek an accommodation, so we’ll do everything we can to support our people here,” he said.

This is all setting up a showdown with Biden because Texas Governor Greg Abbott has also issued an executive order prohibiting any company from enforcing a vaccine mandate.

Biden also got more bad news, his approval rating for dealing with the pandemic is dropping. It’s no wonder, people don’t like the way he is marginalizing the unvaccinated – because many of them have already had COVID – and it appears that Americans really don’t like vaccine mandates despite what the mainstream media tells you.

A new Axios poll delivered the bad news:

“He’s basically losing the expectations game,” said Cliff Young, president of Ipsos U.S. public affairs. “Once the Delta variant raised its ugly head, it affected people’s lives, and now they’re adjusting their expectations, which is not good for him.”

The poll also found that a majority of Americans don’t want unvaccinated Americans to lose their jobs, it was only a majority of Democrats that felt non-compliant Americans should lose their livelihoods.

Meanwhile the White House doesn’t want to face the fact that people are pushing back.