Sexual Misconduct Seems To Be Running Rampant In The Entertainment Industry.

Weinstein, Spacey, Nickelodeon’s Schneider and Now The Newest Celebrity Related Sexual Misconduct Case Has Revealed Dolly Parton’s Publicist: Kirt Webster.

Sleazy cases of sexual misconduct are being revealed now revolving around the Country-Western Publicist Kirt Webster. Webster, just recently laid off, by Westby PR after his sexual misconduct was made public, was the publicist for many big names including Parton, Kenny Rogers, and Charlie Daniels.

Former employees claim that Webster would ask for sexual favors mostly of the oral variety in exchange to see the Famed Country Western Singers. He would also ask for pictures and other sexual favors depending on the fan. Multiple former employees repeated having the same experience whether it be through Webster bragging about his Misconduct or showing pictures of it that he had stored on his phone.

Kid Rock, Kenny Rogers, and Randy Travis have broken ties with the Publicist in light of the news of his sexual misconduct. Dolly Parton has also has cut ties for now.

Just another case of a sleazy man with too much power and no one to keep him in check.

Watch the News Reel Below.

As Reported By Sasha Savitsky, Fox News.

Parton released a note about Webster late Thursday via Twitter, which some fans criticized as not critical enough of the publicist.  “I’ve worked with Kirt Webster for many years, and he has done a wonderful job. I am hoping that the accusations are not true,” she wrote.

Webster did not return Fox News’ multiple requests for comment about the employees’ claims he leveraged his connection with Parton for sexual favors.

Webster PR announced Wednesday it will continue operating under the name Westby PR with former Webster PR Senior Vice President Jeremy Westby as CEO. Westby told Fox News on Thursday on the phone that Webster is not involved in Westby PR in any capacity.

Representatives for Webster himself, or for the company, did not respond to numerous requests for comment.