Breaking: Chinese Troops Ready Themselves For War?!

Chinese Troops Have Mobilized And Are Stationing Themselves At The North Korean Border.

Kim Jong Un may have bitten off more than he can chew. His recent threats of a “nuclear button” on his desk have consequences that he may not be ready for. As the tension between the US and North Korea rises China who we have been pushing to back us against the volatile dictator is starting to mobilize and have stationed themselves at the North Korean-China Border.

“The source told the Daily NK on the 30th, “There were so many soldiers in the car that there was a traffic jam,” the source said. “We have not seen so many soldiers trucking to Yanji so far.” Another source said, “Chinese troops are gathering around the Yalu River and the Tumen River,” and that “the tanks are being moved to the border of North Korea . ”

They are not just mobilizing they have also been seen readying themselves for war with war ceremony.


“People’s Liberation Army (PLA) forces are said to have been moving by night towards China’s river border with the North.

And Chinese commanders are reported to have recently conducted the so-called “war ceremony” – urging their troops to be ready to fight.

Columns of PLA trucks have been pictured on the move near Yanji City which is close to the triple border between China, Russia and North Korea.”

This comes just shortly after the exchange between Trump and Kim Jong Un over nuclear threats.

In response to the nuclear button on his desk, Trump has responded in kind.

It seems that Kim Jong Un is used to weaker Presidents and Trump is not one to just take a threat sitting down. He stands up and defends the US from these kinds of scare tactics and returns them with prejudice.

Watch Kim Jong Un’s New Year’s Threat To The US Below.

China has been playing both sides of the fence helping in sanctioning the nuclear war threatening dictator, while at the same time there have been reports of supplying oil to North Korea. Trump even tweeted about China just this last week where they were “Caught Red Handed.”

But the question remains is China just showing support for North Korea or is China ready to help the US snuff out the nuclear threat.

Watch the sum up below.

The Daily Star reports that “China would be expected to use its military forces to help quell a flood of refugees should the US attack North Korea. Beijing would also be expected to move into the rogue state to seize assets, and potentially have China join the war on the side of North Korea.”

So are we heading to war with North Korea and China? Or is China just preparing for the worst with these rising tension between our countries? This story is still unfolding, stay tuned for updates.