Hollywood Star Comes Out Swinging After Dust Up With Maskholes On Plane

Actress Denise Richards is fighting back after triggering maskholes while she was on a plane.

During a recent flight Richards made a statement and opted to wear a “huge winter coat” instead of wearing the paper napkin people are supposed to wear.

“Anyone that is upset that I [am] not wearing a mask I’m hiding under a hoody amd [sic] a huge winter coat,” the 50-year-old wrote over a since-expired selfie on her Instagram story Sunday.

“Please. Thicker than any mask!!!!!!” she added.

It would appear that Richards is done with mask protocols, like most Americans.

The maskholes were beside themselves.

One Twitter user wrote, “@DENISE_RICHARDS you better be on hiatus or fired for subjecting others to breaking protocol. Your germ infested coat is not a d–n mask.”

“Denise Richards green juice yoga pilates pink twitter princess is such a sad clout chaser,” another said.

Below is a great example of how maskholes are getting out of control.
In a series of social media posts a left wing activists decided to mask shame people in the airport including children.

The activists also picked on the flight attendant who works for United which has one of the strictest vaccine employer mandates in the country.

Then, he started posting pictures of people sitting in the airport not wearing their mask.

By the way, according to CDC guidelines, if those people sitting had a coffee or a drink in their hand they wouldn’t need to have their mask on (look we don’t make the rules we just point out how dumb they are).

From the CDC:

While in indoor areas of conveyances or while indoors at transportation hubs, people are not required to wear a mask under the following circumstances:

while eating, drinking, or taking medication for brief periods of time;
while communicating for brief periods of time with a person who is hearing impaired when the ability to see the mouth is essential for communication.

The activist was a beside himself when an Officer told him that the people are in compliance with the mandate because they are social distancing.

Somebody should have reported him for taking pictures of minors.

Maskholes are a piece of work.

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