Putin Takes A Punch To The Gut After Belarus Rail Lines Carry Army Supplies Get An Unexpected Visit

In 2021, Belarus experienced a wave of protests in an attempt to get rid of President Alexander Lukashenko who is a “yes man” for Putin.

There were reports that the protests were actually organized by George Soros to further globalism however it took support from Russia to quell the uprising.

It is rumored that the movement could be alive and well after it has been reported that rail lines in Belarus carrying supplies for the Russian Army are falling victims of sabotage.

From the Jerusalem Post:

The General Prosecutor of Belarus opened a criminal case into what it called an act of terrorism carried out by an organized group against infrastructure of the Belarusian Railway, according to TASS.

The general prosecutor added that signaling facilities and other transport equipment were rendered “unusable.”

The BYPOL group, which consists of former security officers who support the opposition in Belarus, said on Tuesday that a series of sabotage actions had targeted the railway system in Belarus, disrupting the movement of military trains in the country.

“Belarusians, today our country is drawn into a criminal and bloody war with the fraternal Ukrainian people on the side of the aggressor – the Russian Federation,” wrote BYPOL in a Telegram message. “It is our duty and in our power to do real things to stop it, free ourselves from the occupation of Russian troops and restore the good name of our ancestors. ‘Rail war’ is the knowledge that we inherited, this is what we can do and what each of us can do.”

There have also been reports from a pro-Ukraine site that people have been arrested for the attacks:

According to the Viasna human rights center, eight people were detained in Belarus after the start of the war in Ukraine on charges of sabotage on the Belarusian railroads. Railway workers said that due to the sabotage (i.e., “rail war”), trains carrying Russian military equipment and ammunition stopped moving across Belarus. The detainees face up to 15 years in prison.

It is still unclear who is behind the rail line attacks. Is it the people in Belarus revolting against their leader or is it Ukraine operatives?

Jerusalem Post