VIDEO: Two Faced GOP Congresswoman Paralyzed When Staff Jumps Ship Over Her Rhino Antics

Rhino Republican Congresswoman Nancy Mace (R-SC) got more then she bargained after she took things too far.

Mace was stunned after her chief of staff, Mara Mellstrom turned in her resignation over the rhino congresswoman antics.

The dust up started when the Washington swamp creature was caught giving opposing talking points about the coronavirus vaccine and trying to divide the party in a war with Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene.

One source reported that Mellstrom was overheard saying she would “rather go back to cooking at the Waffle House than deal with this bs.”

First, Mace got herself into trouble when she was caught giving opposing view points when she appeared on Fox News and CNN.

While on Fox News Mace downplayed the vaccine and then during an appearance on CNN she claimed the vaccines are better than natural immunity.

Once she was caught Mace thought creating a divide in the party by getting into a war with MTG and Rep. Lauren Boebert was a good idea.

Greene responded called Mace the “trash of the GOP Conference” and said that he’s never “attacked by Democrats or rhino’s because she’s not a conservative.”

The battle continued when Mace responded.

MTG kept firing back and Mace eventually dropped the war of words.

The entire incident is what forced her chief of staff to resign.

It’s good to see Republicans working for these rhinos starting to walk away. If these politicians want to be two faced they can join the Brandon administration.

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