VIDEO: Jill Biden’s Latest Attempt To Throw Joe A Life Preserver Isn’t Cute, It’s Frightening

First Lady Jill Biden once again threw Joe a life preserver during a public event but this time it wasn’t cute, it was disturbing.

“The First Lady’s husband has tested positive for covid,” Biden announced.

The delirious Joe didn’t realize that he is the First Lady’s husband.

Almost immediately Jill Biden spoke up and Joe correct himself.

“She’s fine, I’m fine,” Joe said adding that the “Second Lady” has COVID.

Biden was trying to announce that Kamala Harris’ husband, Douglas Emhoff, the Second Gentleman tested positive for COVID-19.

The people in the audience who witnessed the event laughed however regular Americans just shook their heads in disbelief.

Joe’s struggles continued, he couldn’t even introduce his own Energy Secretary…

Biden can’t get the name of members of his own cabinet right but he is going to Europe to fix this whole Ukraine mess.

Biden announced the trip less than one week after Kamala Harris made a fool of herself in Warsaw, Poland.

Can you imagine being the president of Poland right now?

Russia is on your doorstep and the best you got is Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.