Pelosi Makes A Mockery Of Her Own Protest Party [Video]

Leave it to liberals! They couldn’t even manage a simple assembly. This is why they’re not qualified to run our Nation.

If you’re looking for a worthy adversary in a Democratic, you are out of luck, but in for some laughs. While the party makes a lot of noise they lack the follow-through. That becomes more obvious with every failed attempt they make. This latest should make you chuckle.

With their time running out to act against President Trump’s Tax reform, just a mere 24 hours before it closed, the ‘fearless’ liberal leader, Speaker Nancy Pelosi, bailed on her own protest assembly! To add to the already pathetic attempt, the protest itself had more empty seats than activists. That’s right, Pelosi shows her true colors and it looks like the ‘activists’ might be catching on. You know it’s bad when the liberal bullhorn, MSNBC, declares this a lost cause. Take a look!


As Reported By Victor Skinner With The American Mirror:

A handful of folks are really steamed that Republican lawmakers are planning to lower taxes, and they gathered in a tiny conference room on Capitol Hill where House Minority Speaker Nancy Pelosi was slated to speak Monday.

But the demonstration was so weak, MSNBC reports, Pelosi didn’t even bother to show up.

“These protests have never been like what we saw with the healthcare law,” an MSNBC reporter said as a cameraman panned the crowd of a couple dozen mulled about in self-scheduling conference room 2456.

“This particular protest was supposed to start at three, it was supposed to feature Nancy Pelosi, and it’s supposed to have hundreds of people, and none of those things are going to end up being true,” the reporter said.

What does seem more and more likely to come true, however, is President Donald Trump’s promise to Americans to deliver a tax cut this year.



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