Kimmel’s Sickening Moore Skit Goes Too Far

Kimmel Bashes Moore and Trump In The Tasteless Fashion That Is Sadly The Norm For Liberal Late Night TV.

Hopefully by the time you see this Moore will have won the election and make all of these crude trash spewing Left-biased media outlets eat their words. Moore has been a pillar of integrity and the Left is doing everything they can to take him down. From the political mudslinger funded by dark money to the immature/slanderous potshots that he is being subject to, Moore is standing tall and the Leftists are afraid of a Moore Victory.

The tactless Kimmel went a step further than some of his biased brethren. He defamed Roy Moore on his late night show and really showed us the sad state of the country as a Warped mind like his can somehow host a show that the General public can see.

During a pause in the “comedians” slanderous rant against Trump and Moore, he showed a clip that he doctored to make it look like Moore was in the presence of an adolescent in his underwear. The bit was tasteless and Kimmel followed it up by saying “President Trump is supporting the alleged child molester in this race because of course, he is. Although he wasn’t President Trump’s first choice for Senator of Alabama. Then he found out Jared from Subway was still in jail.”

Try Your Best To Stomach what the public was subjected to on Kimmel.

The original clip was that of Millie a 12-year-old-girl that interviewed Moore and asked him relevant questions, that thing that Kimmel’s show fails to do: stay relevant.

You can watch the actual clip below.

The original clip was tasteful and informative. Millie interviewed Judge Roy Moore and asked him questions about his stance on Border security. Where he had the idea to use the military as well as support the Trump wall. Millie then asked him what Moore felt were important issues for Alabama citizens. Moore felt that healthcare, taxes, religious freedom, free trade, and the military were concerns for his future constituents.

Moore feels a Senators job is to follow the constitution and do what is right, as opposed to the many government¬†officials that solely focus on trying to stay in office regardless of what immoral deals they have to make.¬† He feels that a Senator’s job is to serve the people.

But Kimmel wouldn’t discuss any of these points because then people might actually find value in his show and more importantly be better informed. Kimmel like most Left biased TV wouldn’t want that, an informed Public is not moldable enough for the Big Government Agenda.