Oprah Praises Liberally Tainted Children For Helping To Push Anti Gun Narrative.

Oprah Claims Anti-Gun Marches Are This Generations Civil Rights Movement

Oprah Winfrey the close friend of Harvey Weinstein and a possible upcoming presidential candidate is now making the absurd comparison that Gun Protests are on par with the Civil Rights Movement. So the Women’s Rights and Minorities Rights are now somehow on the same level as protests that aim to disarm the American public. How does that even remotely compare?

This is a moment. This is exactly what happened during the Civil Rights Movement where people … they were 18, 19, 20-years-old, young people who said, ‘We have had enough. Enough,’” Winfrey said in reference to the students at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School and others who walked out of class this week. “These kids are right there.”

Oprah then went on to tell Ellen that she was soo happy that the kids were able to use Ellen’s show to push their Anti-Gun narrative. (On the backs of the children, LIberals are now pushing their agendas…) Oprah then said that these children that need to start to organize.

“The reason why the Civil Rights Movement worked, there was a strategy. There was a plan. It wasn’t just out there, hocus pocus protesting all the time. There was a strategy, there was a plan.”

Watch The Interview Below.

“These inspiring young people remind me of the Freedom Riders of the 60s who also said we’ve had ENOUGH and our voices will be heard,” she wrote.

I feel the connections is weak disarming law-abiding citizens because mentally ill are getting their hands on weapons, does not come close to the Civil Rights movement.

Oprah highly praises these students. Students that need time to grieve their losses. They need some sort of real guidance. They clearly have been getting all of their views from their super liberal educators/ Media that are playing with their emotions. Shame on these Liberals using these children to push a narrative. Shame on them for using their loss as a political gain. And Shame on them for pushing to Weaken our ability to defend ourselves.