Chris Farrell: “We Need To Destroy The FBI In Order To Fix It” [Video]

Do We Really Need To Dismantle The FBI To Save It?

Research director with Judicial Watch, Chris Farrell, believes the FBI is at a level of corruption that the only way to fix the broken agency would be to completely destroy it first. The former Military Intelligence officer and counterintelligence expert gave a detailed plan on what he believes is the only way to save the Federal Bureau of Investigations.

Some are calling Farrell’s ideas extreme but it is easy for most to understand that something HAS to be done.  Take a look and tell us what you think.


As Written By Thomas Lifson with American Thinker:

Saving a diseased bureaucracy is a huge challenge.  When that agency works in secrecy and has fearsome retaliatory powers, it can be a nightmare.

The extent of the publicly visible bias, corruption, and incompetence at the FBI has created a crisis of confidence in the agency long held to be America’s premier law enforcement organ.  The sixth and seventh directors in the Bureau’s history – close friends Robert Mueller and James Comey – may have wrecked it over the combined 16 years they led it with their politicization of the top ranks and presumed salting of the bureaucracy with allies.

So what does one do with an agency that gone so far astray as the FBI appears to have gone?  Is reform possible under the existing organizational framework?

Chris Farrell, research director of Judicial Watch, suggested last week that the FBI be disbanded as a free-standing agency and folded into the U.S. Marshals Service as its investigative arm.  Michael W. Chapman of CNS News noted the startling proposal at CNS News:

“People do need to go,” said Farrell on the Feb. 16 edition of Lou Dobbs Tonight.  “You can start with Director [Christopher] Wray.”

“Frankly, I would go back 200 years to the U.S. Marshals Service,” said Farrell…

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