Armed Deputy Assigned To Florida School Never Entered During The Shootings! [Video]

In an Interview With A  Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School Student revealed the armed deputy on-duty never went inside the building during the shooting.

During an interview with Fox News, an MSD student stated that the armed on-duty officer never entered the building. Those claims were confirmed by surveillance footage. The deputy, identified as Scot Peterson, gave police a very different story on the scene, which we have now learned to be a lie.

Reportedly the surveillance footage shows the deputy taking a position outside of the building while students and staff suffered inside. Sheriff Scott Israel said that he felt ‘sick to his stomach’ after watching the video of the officer standing by while children and staff were senselessly murdered. The officer was put on administrative leave and has since put in for his retirement.

The liberal anti-gun activists have used the deputy as a bullet point in their argument. Stating ‘there was an armed officer on scene and that didn’t stop the shooter’. That argument is obviously null and void but it is sad to think of how this could have ended very differently if the officer only acted.


As Reported by Nicole Darrah with Fox News:

The school resource deputy who was on patrol at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, on Feb. 14 resigned Thursday after video surveillance showed he never entered the school, even though he “clearly” knew there was a shooting taking place, officials said.

Deputy Scot Peterson, of the Broward County Sheriff’s Office, was stationed on the school’s campus when Nikolas Cruz opened fire with an AR-15 rifle, leaving 17 people dead and others wounded.

The Deputy Was Caught on Surveillance Taking A position Outside The Building During The Mayhem.

Sheriff Scott Israel during a press conference Thursday said video showed Peterson arriving at the west side of the building where the shooting took place. Peterson, Israel said, took up a position but “never went in.”

Peterson, according to the sheriff, “was absolutely on campus through this entire event.” The deputy was armed and in uniform during the shooting, but never entered the building despite “clearly” knowing a shooting was happening, Israel said.

The sheriff said he believes Peterson remained outside of the building…

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