Details of Jessica Chambers’ Horrific Murder Case Just Released and It’s Terrifying.

This case has been building for almost three years now, and just today, details of Jessica Chambers last hours were released in the trial. Jessica, a Then 19-year-old cheerleader, died from severe burns over 93% of her body.

Prosecutors opened today’s trail with a detail description of the night Jessica Died. Jessica’s mother in the courtroom, Lisa Chambers, sat in the front of the courtroom bearing through the graphic details and testimony of her daughter’s murder.

Chambers was found wandering, looking for help, on the back road’s in Mississippi by a passerby. Jessica’s underwear was the only clothing that remained on her critically burned body.  Jessica passed 3 hours after arriving at the hospital.

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Quinton Tellis, 29,  The man accused of Jessicas murder, has lied to police and the FBI on several occasions. Tellis’ effort to elude officers of his whereabouts failed. In combination with DNA evidence, surveillance video footage, cell phone records,  and his false testimony- Quinton Tellis was arrested for Jessica’s murder.

Quinton Tellis claimed he did not know Jessica nor did he see her the day she was burned but cell phone records would prove the two met up twice that day before her death.

Jessica drove around the morning-of with Tellis in her car before dropping him off at home. Later in the day Chambers returned to pick Tellis up to pick up fast food. Tellis claimes the two had sex in Chambers car.

The prosecutor affirms that Tellis suffocated Jessica and believed she was dead before setting her and the car on fire. Adding that Tellis the drove the car to a back road and ran to his sister’s come to retrieve a can of gasoline to start the fire.

Below Is A Long And Heartwrenching Video Of Today’s Trial. The Story Continues Below.

When faced with her rescuer Jessica tried desperately to name her murderer but her voice was too gargled from the burns. The defense leaning on the argument that it sounded like Jessica said “Eric set me on fire”, as well as a claim that Tellis was across town buying prepaid cards at the time of the fire.

Tellis insists this is not something he would do. Meanwhile, he is awaiting trial on a separate case of torture and murder tied to him through stolen credit cards. Tellis has violent priors including assault, domestic assault, and burglary.

As Reported By Fox News.

Chambers was found walking on the road — wearing only underwear in 40-degree temperatures — when a passing motorist spotted her shortly after 8 p.m., Champion said. Her car keys were later found nearby, and they had Tellis’ DNA on them, Champion said.

Authorities have said previously that Chambers was on fire when she was found.

Champion said Tellis first told investigators he only saw Chambers on the morning of her death.

Tellis later acknowledged they were together in the evening, saying he met her to sell her marijuana and had sex with her in her car, Champion said. The prosecutor also said Tellis’ alibi was fabricated.

Defense attorney Darla Palmer said Tellis is wrongly accused. She said Tellis was buying a pre-paid debit card miles away in Batesville at the time Chambers was burned.

Palmer also said eight first responders who treated Chambers asked her if she knew who did it.

“She said ‘Eric set me on fire,'” Palmer said. “She didn’t say any other name.”

In his opening statement, Champion acknowledged that the first responders did hear her say the name “Eric” or “Derek.” Champion said she could have been saying “Tellis,” but the damage done to her throat made it sound different.