Antifa Returns For Midterms: Republican Volunteers Run For Their Lives After Explosions & Injuries (VIDEO)

Just as the midterms begin to go into full swing Antifa shows back up.

In Portland, Oregon Republican volunteers were forced to flee when a violent group of Antifa members in black bloc attacked them.

Mayor of Sandy, Oregon Stan Pulliam is running for governor and had an event in Portland. The event went well until Antifa showed and started attacking Republicans with motor fireworks.

“This is what happens when a Republican dares to hold an event in Portland to talk about funding our police. Antifa shows up. Well we won’t be intimidated and stop speaking the truth,” Pulliam said.

Local news stations reported that feces and flashbangs were also used to attack the volunteers.

Video posted online shows that the police were nowhere to be see and did nothing to protect a crowd containing elderly people and children.

From the Post Millenial:

According to Portland Police Bureau, two people reported injuries from Antifa using mortar explosives. One adult male reported an injury to the hand, and an adult female complained of hearing loss. Antifa also allegedly filled balloons with paint and were thrown at people and vehicles.

Under the leadership of Joe Biden and Democrats, American cities are becoming lawless.