NRA Starts Feeling The Heat From All Of The Anti-Gun Slander.

NRA Is Under Attack As The Anti-Gun Narrative Is Pushing Companies To Terminate Ties.

The Florida Shooting has brought out the worst in Anti-Gun nuts and Liberals. They are not only using children but are attacking the NRA , the organization that is all about Gun safety and keeping Americans safe. The NRA helps to prevent Liberals from taking away our second amendment rights. If it were not for their strong lobbying we would likely have already lost our right to defend ourselves from criminals.

The Mainstream Media has it out for the NRA. It seems like after every shooting Liberals immediately turn to the NRA and point a finger of blame. They can’t accept that the mentally ill person is to blame for the shooting, no that would be rational. Instead, they are out to disarm law-abiding Americans. This time their attacks have landed some losses for the NRA.

Some companies that were working with the NRA have cut ties due to the liberal outcry. The businesses that cut ties are:


First National Bank of Omaha


Enterprise Holdings

Watch The Video Below. ( You May Need To Put The Video In Full Screen Mode)

All of these companies gave in to the Liberal Narrative that aims to make Americans less safe. Despite the NRA’s endless fight for Americans these companies failed to see the big picture. They failed to see that the NRA has fought for our rights time and time again.

The Liberals want the public to boycott the NRA. They are using this Florida tragedy and any tragedy they can find to push their agenda. They have convinced numerous weak minded people under the guise of public safety that the NRA and guns are to blame.

Trump has come up with a plan to try and resolve the problem of School Shootings. A plan that could well end future attacks. It’s well past time that we start focusing on rational solutions that actually aim to fix school shootings not disarm America.