The Democrat’s Rebuttal Memo Is Full Of Crap Excuses

Democrats Release Rebuttal Memo That Might As Well Say Nu-uh.

The Democrats have been outraged ever since the Nunes FISA Memo released. They felt that the Memo was biased against the DOJ and FBI. They felt that it was cherrypicked to defend Trump against the Russian investigation. After reading the original Republican-backed memo, it sounded more and more like they were just upset that the public might find out how much time they wasted. But now the Democrats have finally succeeded in getting their Memo out to the public after Trump allowed the release.

The Dem’s Memo is a straight rebuttal of everything that has already been released. It refutes the previous Nunes Memo, the Susan Rice emails, the Bruce Ohr connection and might as well refute the second amendment. They say the original memo was cherry-picked this memo’s whole purpose is for Democrats, the FBI, and the DOJ to save face.

Or you can just read the newly released memo in entirety here.

The Dems memo claims that the FBI properly obtained the warrants and that they had not used the controversial dossier as part of their probable cause for the warrants. It also states that Steele was paid by the FBI but that was for something entirely different. They go on to say that they had been investigating Page well before the dossiers existence and everything they have done is above board. This Memo is nothing more than a rebuttal.

Trump has already weighed in on the Rebuttal Memo.

I like how the Democrats claimed that they have wanted to share this Memo well before the Nunes FISA memo but their memo just happens to refute all of the recent scandals. I am calling BS on the legitimacy of their Memo. As it does nothing but push their agenda to tie up American resources on a wild goose chase that’s sole purpose is to discredit Trump’s Presidency. This Memo is just more propaganda from the left set to justify their distracting Mueller investigation.