Russian Officer Reveals Terrifying ‘Undetected’ Maneuver Against The U.S   

A Russian Military Officer Admits to Taking Action Against the United States.

Russia has taken the spotlight in the news lately, not just for hacking but for attacks against Britan and now this.

A Russian military officer claims that the Putin-Nation brought their stealth submarine right up to the Eastern coastline, completely undetected.

According to reports, the submarine was in maritime waters just off of the North Carolina coast, near a naval base. By staying outside of US waters no violation has been made. What was the point of this operative?

Is Russia testing out American response time?

As reported by BENJAMIN ARIE with Conservative Tribune:

The Cold War may have ended nearly three decades ago, but tensions between the U.S. and Russia could be heating up again, at least if a report from a Russian naval officer is to be believed … which it probably shouldn’t be.

According to the Washington Examiner, a Russian submarine officer named Sergey Starshinov has claimed that the former Soviet Union conducted missions where they purposely approached U.S. military bases undetected in order to see how close Russian nuclear subs could get to American locations.

However, that claim originated in an interview with Starshinov by RT, a Russian news agency with strong ties to the government.

In other words, it’s probably little more than strategic Russian propaganda.

“This mission has been accomplished, the submarines showed up in the set location in the ocean and returned to base,” Starshinov was quoted as saying.

This is our objective — to come and go undetected, the naval commander purportedly told the Russian news source. He claimed that submarines came close enough to American shores but he maintained that the vessels stayed in neutral waters.

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