Not Just Virginia: Other Election Victories Across The Country Are What Have Dems Really Scared

Virginia was a huge win but there were other elections that took place across the country that have Democrats really scared.

From sea to shining seas school boards were overturned.

Conservative pollster and leader of a PAC combating critical race theory, Ryan Girdusky reported that 4 our 58 candidates he back won.

Candidates that were supported by the 1776 Project PAC won 5 out of the 7 school board seats in Johnson County, Kansas a county that Biden won overwhelmingly in 2021. These are the races that have Democrats petrified because they are losing their ability to indoctrinate kids.

Girdusky reported that they were very successful in Pennsylvania as well. Greg Young, Jessica Bradbury, and Marissa Ruggiero Rocco all won seats on their school boards in Montgomery County, Pa. Jon Guizar, Andrea Royer, Jack Bechdel, and Jeffrey Steiner all won spots on school boards in Centre County, Pennsylvania.

BLM and the defund the police movement also had a bad night.

These local elections are bigger than most elections in Washington having an immediate impact on communities.

Democrats have lost more than Virginia they are losing their ability to indoctrinate.