Joe Biden’s Week Just Got Worse: Damning Report Highlights Turmoil Inside The Oval Office, ‘It Fells Like There Is A…

A report by NBC news highlights that the Brandon Administration may be on the verge of collapse. 

A member of the Congressional Progressive Caucus (the Squad) spoke with NBC news on a condition of anonymity to avoid backlash and said: 

“Biden’s the star quarterback, and you can’t fire the star quarterback, so you start looking at the head coach and the offensive coordinator and the defensive coordinator,” the lawmaker said, pointing to Klain as the architect of a failed strategy to advance Biden’s agenda. “Fairly or unfairly in a situation like this, you start looking at the person who is in the chief of staff position.”



One White House official said, “It feels like there is a wave coming and no one is doing anything to stop it.”

“A sign of a good leader and a successful executive is to identify the policies or personnel choices that have not resulted in success and make necessary course corrections — because it’s too important not to,” said Rep. Stephanie Murphy, D-Fla., a co-chair of the centrist Blue Dog Coalition.

“There was no strategy. That just put the president in a horrible, horrible situation,” the anonymous progressive lawmaker added. “That has to fall on the head of the chief of staff.”

The statements leaking out of Washington show that Biden’s Chief of Staff Ron Klain (former Clintonian) is running the show and turned America into a dumpster fire. 

Biden has the second-worst approval rating of all time and yet he refuses to re-evaluate his positions, which is something that the Democrat party is trying to do as a whole. 

A report from Politico highlighted that Democrats are attempting to “correct the record” before the midterms. 

When faced with a “defund the police” attack, for instance, the presenters encouraged Democrats to reiterate their support for police. And on immigration, they said Democrats should deny support for “open borders or amnesty,” and talk about their efforts to keep the border safe.

Democrats believe that will be their winning strategy however if we’ve learned anything in 2021 Independents and Republicans are no longer buying into the rhetoric. 

The Democrat party led by Joe Biden is ruining America and there is nothing the Democrat party can do to correct that record.