Watch: After Red Bloodbath MSNBC & CNN Have A Total Meltdown, Says Win Was ‘Dog Whistle…

As the returns began to come and as it became clear Glenn Youngkin would be the next the governor of Virginia the media started to meltdown.

The meltdown was more intense than during the 2016 presidential returns, these people lost their minds.

Let’s start at CNN:

The clip above and the clips below show the DNC haven’t learned. Calling parents concerned about their children’s education “racists” is not going to win elections. Throwing support behind a school board that covered up a sexual assault is not going to win elections.

Former ESPN host and writer for the Atlantic said:

I guess no one told who the new Republican Lt. Governor is:

Back to CNN:

Conservative commentator Ben Shapiro hit the nail on the head:

Ok, let’s head over to MSNBC who were stunned:

The real stunner is how close the election is in New Jersey however, the returns are still being processed and…you know…it’s New Jersey.

With that said there were other loses that really stung the left, socialist Democrat candidate India Walton, who AOC campaigned for lost the election to write-in candidate Byron Brown who’s career was considered dead. Also, the city of Minneapolis voted against disbanding their police department and Republicans in Ohio won two big special elections.

The country isn’t lost, it just needed a little wake up call.