Pelosi Announcement After Election Night Sends Shockwaves Through The White House

There’s a report coming from OAN’s Jack Posobiec that is going to cause shockwaves in the White House.

Posobiec reported that Pelosi is telling people she is not running for re-election and doesn’t’ want to be tied to 2022.

It appears there is one person that is going to bear the brunt of 2022 and is going to be the blame for the Democrats demise, Joe Biden.

The rumor isn’t just bad news about the midterms it more than likely means Biden’s Build, Back, Better Bill is probably going to fail. After the election results moderates are not going to budge and progressives are screaming the losses were moderates fault. On election day, squad member Rep. Cori Bush wrote a scathing letter to Senator Joe Manchin that has the party on the verge of civil war.

Progressives aren’t taking their foot off the gas, after election night they were clamoring for the BBB to go even further to the left. In wake of embarrassing defeats House Democrats are adding four weeks of paid family and medical leaving into their reconciliation bill.

Pelosi said that the loss in Virginia isn’t going to effect their agenda in the House but she’s giving lip service. The Speaker of the House appears to have lost her will to fight and isn’t willing to risk her legacy on Joe Biden.

Pelosi’s announcement is sending shockwaves through the White House, Biden has no friends and he’s being left out in the cold to shoulder the blame.