Must See: Gowdy Goes Off On The DOJ, Clinton’s, FBI And Trump Dossier.

The Republican representative for South Carolina, Trey Gowdy, is known his no-nonsense work-ethic and his brutally honest questioning, was recently on the ‘Chris Wallace Show’. Gowdy did not disappoint and immediately ripped into the illegal activities that have been happening on the hill with the DOJ.

Trey Gowdy did not mince words in his interview will Wallace cutting straight to the chase with the issues we have all been concerned about. First ripping through the Democrats and the leaks stemming from Robert Muller, special counsel, as well as The Department of Justice’s lack of clarity.

“It is kind of ironic that the people charged with investigating the law, and executing the law, would violate the law,” Gowdy said. “Make no mistake, disclosing grand jury material is a violation of the law,” Gowdy added. Referring to the leak about the on-going trial and investigation over the possible charges against those involved in the phony Dossier.


As reported by Timothy Meads with The Hill.

Rep. Gowdy slammed his left-leaning colleagues in Congress, accusing them of trying to score political points in the Russian investigations, rather than trying to get to the truth. Citing the fact that authorities have confirmed that Russia hacked into the Democratic National Committee’s e-mail, Gowdy wondered why Democrats are only focusing on spurious relationships between President Trump’s administration and obscure Russian figures.

“They tried to attack the fundamentals of our democracy and that’s what I’ve spent 2017 focusing on,” he said. “That to me is an American issue. I wish the Democrats were a little bit more concerned instead of reading the Moscow phonebook during the witnesses interviews trying to see if Jared Kushner knows a guy named Igor. I wish they’d help,” he said Sunday. “That’s been my focus in 2017 is understanding that Russia tried to subvert our democracy, and it’d be great if my Democratic friends helped a little bit.”